1. Excuse me, can you tell me the way to the Summer Palace?..

1. Excuse me, can you tell me the way to the Summer Palace?
[     ]
A. say
B. show
C. talk
D. give
2. What's wrong with you?
[     ]
A. bad
B. ill
C. the matter
D. the mistake
3. We have friends all over the world.
[     ]
A. through
B. together 
C. throughout
D. outside
4. It's good to see all my teachers and friends again.
[     ]
A. nice 
B. happy
C. well
D. fine
5. At that time, he was only a boy of sixteen.
[     ]
A. sixteen-years-old boy
B. boy of sixteen years
C. sixteen-year-old boy
D. boy of about sixteen
6. It's not polite to laugh at someone's shortcoming.
[     ]
A. rude
B. cruel
C. good
D. manners
7. The speaker held up his right hand and said, "Listen."
[     ]
A. pointed
B. rose 
C. raised
D. picked up
8. She was left alone in a very quiet house.
[     ]
A. only
B. by herself
C. herself 
D. for herself
9. When going across the street, look out for cars.
[     ]
A. running
B. jumping 
C. crossing
D. walking
10. Listen carefully and try to catch me.
[     ]
A. get
B. know
C. understand 
D. see






以下所给单词均不完整,从A、B、C、D中找出适当的字母或字母组合使其正确与完整。 ( )1. imag ____ ne( )2. ent ____ ly( )3. pers ____ ade ( )4. rec ____ ve ( )5. atmosph ____ A:e A:eir A:u A:ie A:eir B:ee B:ire B:w B:ee B:ere C:i C:air C:v C:ai C:eer D:ea D:ari D:wi D:ei D:dar



从A、B、C、D中划出适当的字母或字母组合使以下所给单词完整和正确。( )1. te____ology ( )2. tr____v____ ( )3. pa____nt ( )4. We______day ( )5. b____cle A:cn A:a, el A:tio A:ndes A:icy B:ckn B:e, el B:tie B:dnse B:yci C:chn C:a, ell C:cie C:ndse C:ysi D:kn D:e, al D:sie D:dnes D:dsy